Our New Winter Menu

May 14th, 2017

Reinventing the Hoagie

Hoagie is a Philadelphian term for a big Italian sandwich. These Italian bread loaves (similar to French loaves) are traditionally filled with a variety of cold meats, cheese, tomato, lettuce and onions.

We decided to reinvent this old favourite and the four fillings we offer were inspired by a variety of flavours from across the globe. Cleveland Cheese Steak, BBQ Pulled Pork, Chicken Parmesan Meatballs and Butter Chicken Curry are our tasty twists and we’ve even gone a step further and decided to serve them in delicious pretzel loaves. The Hoagie will never be the same again!

A Burger First for South Africa

Burgers are as popular as ever and this year it’s all about layering flavours. Drawing inspiration from around the globe, but most notably the Tex Mex Fusion Category, we added the Big Stuffed Popper Burger to our menu, a first for South Africa and an addition we’re particularly proud of.

Its peppered beef patty is stuffed with cream cheese and jalapeños, offering a delicious kick with every bite. We serve it on one of our new flavourful, knotted buns. Its unique taste and texture makes it vastly superior to the old and trusted sesame seed bun.

Our ‘More Choice’ Hot Wings

Then there are our Buffalo Hot Wings, which are now served with your choice of three basting and dipping sauces: Smoky Honey & Ginger, Sweet & Spicy Splash-On and Mango-Habanero.

The influence here is predominantly Asian, but, as always, we’ve carefully chosen our ingredients to incorporated our personal touch. For example: Instead of going with a straight-up Honey and Ginger sauce, we opted to use Smoky Honey for an added depth of flavour.

Winter Decadence

Our decadent hot drinks category was also given a boost with our Freaky Hot Chocolate and Decadent Latte, which are the perfect winter indulgence. Our Freaky Hot Chocolate in particular is not only the epitome of the on-trend ‘Over The Top’ Shake, but it’s also a visual masterpiece, eagerly awaiting its Instagram debut. #FreakyHotChocolate anyone?

These are, of course, only some of the highlights and there are many more additions that are begging to be tasted.

Our past menu reveals have always received overwhelmingly positive responses and we hope that you’ll find a couple of new favourites on this year’s winter menu.

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